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Welcome to Sisu Consulting, founded by Elizabeth Dawes Gay, MPH. I am a strategist, advocate, communicator, and convener who turns research into social impact. I advance reproductive and maternal health and social justice for women of color by driving strategy, shaping communications, and convening communities of experts.

My mission is to create a world where women of color have what they need to achieve their ideal health and well-being. I strongly believe that public policy, in particular, should support healthy outcomes for women of color globally.

I love transforming research into practical policy solutions that will create systems to better serve women of color. I love convening forward-thinking experts to come up with new ideas to age-old problems. And I love raising the visibility of health and social justice issues that don’t get enough attention.

We would make great collaborators if you need an expert in social and reproductive justice for women of color to help you:

  • Turn data and research into actionable strategy and impact;
  • Create evidence-based communications products for advocacy;
  • Generate bold and realistic policy solutions;
  • Design and implement stakeholder meetings, workshops, convenings; or
  • Curate global travel learning experiences for advocates and stakeholders.

Contact me to learn how we can work together: elizabeth@sisusocialjustice.com