Sisu Consulting works with organizations and individuals to advance social, racial, and reproductive justice for women of color across the world. Clients include:



Sisu Consulting encourages thinking big and outside of the box. Real change requires bold, actionable solutions.

Sisu Consulting can work with you to:

  • Identify opportunities to engage key stakeholders
  • Generate bold policy and program solutions
  • Establish and nurture meaningful partnerships
  • Develop effective strategies to advance health and social justice


Information is vital for sustainable public policy.  Sisu Consulting creates communications products that encourages stakeholders to take evidence-informed action that will have positive social impact. Sisu Consulting can work with you to craft communications products that enhance your key audience’s understanding of health, race, and social justice issues; raise awareness about issues affecting women of color that receive less attention; and provide ideas for solutions that drive at root causes of inequality.  

Products may include:


Work that changes the world doesn’t happen in a silo. We achieve more, and more quickly, by working together. Sisu Consulting can work with you to create opportunities for people within and across sectors to communicate, learn, and collaborate. Sisu Consulting can plan and implement meetings, workshops, and convenings to connect experts, disseminate information, and build capacity and momentum for policy advocacy in your field.  

Services may include:

Let’s build a better world together!